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Ready Set Grow Preschool, New Hyde Park, Long Island

At Ready Set Grow Preschool of New Hyde Park, Long Island, we provide a stimulating environment your children can feel safe and secure in. With our expert staff of teachers, your preschoolers will explore and grow!

Here at Ready Set Grow, we focus on education and play in order to provide your children with the highest quality education experience while simultaneously providing them the opportunity to learn precious skills like independent thinking, socialization, creativity, critical thinking, and more. Our preschool children experience a day full of stories, math and science, imagination, physical activities and more! We have created tailored programs specifically designed to pave the foundation of your child’s future in education. We offer preschool classes for children ages 2, 3 and 4 years old.
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Ready Set Grow Teaches Independence

We work to encourage independence by allowing your preschool child the space to solve their own problems, put together their own puzzles, and pour their own water glasses. We also allow our students the space they need to solve their own problems, fostering independence, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills.

Ready Set Grow Encourages Socialization

Socialization occurs when your child can interact with other children on their own terms. We create preschool activities targeted toward teaching children how to interact with one another. Of course our teachers are always observing and nurturing the students to encourage success, but it is success itself when children are able to accomplish their own goals and socialize happily and productively. All of our preschool activities we do here build upon foundational skills and build strengths in students that will help them navigate the world as they grow.

Give your child a head start in life by signing up for Ready Set Grow Preschool where they will have fun learning, exploring, and growing!