Importance of Story Time In & Out of the Classroom

Importance of Story Time In & Out of the Classroom

Importance of Story Time In & Out of the Classroom

At Ready Set Grow Preschool of New Hyde Park, Long Island, we are passionate about education. We know that education is not just memorizing your ABC’s or counting from 1 to 10. Story time, whether in preschool or at home, is key to exciting childre
n about learning and teaching them to navigate the world around them in a positive way through life lessons.

Exciting Kids About Learning

The activity around story time is exciting during preschool classes: gathering on the rug, getting the seat closest to the teacher or getting to sit next to their best friend! Then the selection of the story… what will it be? About dragons, dinosaurs, or furry animal friends? Or will it be an outer space or under the sea adventure? Will be it take place somewhere they recognize, that’s just as exciting—at a pumpkin picking farm, or even in New York City?—“Hey I’ve been there too!” they’ll exclaim. And once the teacher picks out the book and opens it up, the kids fall into silent expectation to hear what happens next…..

Story time is a magical thing and it excites children in or out of preschool. Whether they get to select their own book from the bookshelf at home or from the library, letting them choose what you will read can be a great way to encourage self esteem, independent thinking, and makes them more invested in the story and learning process.

When you read together at home you’re joining the family with a firm bond that goes beyond education. Cuddling up on the couch with Mommy or Daddy and a book encourages trust, relaxation, comfort and joy within the family that helps set the groundwork for your family’s future.

Teaching Life Lessons Through Story Tim

Stories teach your children more than just their ABC’s or 123’s, but teach all the life lessons within morals and storylines they pick up on while having fun listening to the story. There are many stories out there that have explicit morals, “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” “Brush Your Teeth,” “Don’t Be A Bully,” “Fire Safety,” etc.

But all stories have underlying morals. For instance, Green Eggs and Ham is a fun, silly, story we all know and love about Sam and his friend and breakfast in a boat, on top of a tree, and shared with many silly friends. The underlying message the children receive of course is to try something before rejecting it, specifically their food, but also to not judge something, or even a person, by outside appearance or color.

Some books teach great lessons through even more clandestine avenues. Take for instance a book from the “How I Became A Pirate” series, which if nothing else, teaches the children about the excitement and wonder of the world and of the possibilities of their imagination. It encourages them to get outside and play make-believe and to build and create.

The Learning Process

Learning is a process, and that process is propelled by a desire to learn. Encouraging children to want to learn is one of our top priorities at Ready Set Grow Preschool and part of doing that is making learning fun. What better way to have fun with the English language, learning your ABC’s and 123’s, learning about rhyming and syntax, about kindness, life lessons, and cultures around the world than through hearing the stories of these things! Contact us today to learn more about how we put your children first at one of the best preschools on Long Island!