How To Choose The Right Preschool for Your Child Part 2

How To Choose The Right Preschool for Your Child Part 2

How To Choose The Right Preschool for Your Child Part 2

After taking a week long break, we’re back to finish discussing how to choose the best preschool for your child. We’re happy to revisit this subject in order to better prepare you and your child for attending preschool classes. This week we’ll be discussing what to do when touring your child’s preschool, what activities they’re participating and what the staff is doing.

During your Tour of the Preschool

Taking a tour of the pre-school allows you to get an idea of a typical day for your child. While you’re touring the preschool there are a few important things to take note of. If the concerns listed below are being handled to your satisfaction, this is probably a great place for your child to attend preschool.

Is it clean?

Is there dust on the toys? Is there hand-sanitizer or an adult sink easily accessible for teachers to stay clean and wash toys throughout the day (say if a child sneezes on or mouths something?) Is there a child-height sink accessible for students? Consider asking them if hygiene is emphasized during school, i.e. are the kids lined up to wash hands before meals, etc.?

What kind of activities are the kids participating in?

If you see children playing in the art, area for instance, are they working together? Are they being directed exactly how to make something or are they supervised and left to independently explore their creative medium? Are the teachers allowing for too much independence and do the children seem like they are lost or frustrated? There is a fine balance between supervision and smothering—independence and neglect, but you can often see if the balance is well kept depending on the attention of the teachers: are they watching and observing the kids during their “independent” play—that is a sure sign of balance and organization.

What is the staff doing?

Just as important as asking what the kids are doing is what the teachers are doing. Are they near the kids? Are they keeping an eye on them or are they interacting and talking more with each other than the children? Do they seem patient while they listen to the children’s stories? Do they seem in control when the students all pull at them for attention or overwhelmed? When surveying the classroom, note if the staff seem happy, excited, or bored? Ask them how long the lead teachers have worked there, as longer employment is often linked with a positive environment.

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