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Our Learning Facility

Here at Ready Set Grow, we strive to provide the highest quality educational experience and understand how important it is to make each child feel safe and comfortable in their environment. We believe that the early years of learning are the most valuable. The first five years of a child’s life is a time of enormous growth. Between the ages of one and five, a child develops, discovers and expands their world quicker than any other time.

Facility Rooms

Math and Science Room

Your child will experience math and science related activities including, the magnetic wall, building blocks, sorting games, manipulative toys and puzzles, weather observations, as well as the seasonal events which are all incorporated.

Story Tree Room

The children and teachers travel on exciting journeys during Story time. There are plenty of comfy spots to read them. In this inviting, warm and cozy room, books are abundant and children can let their imaginations soar as the teacher shares stories from authors like Eric Carle, Dr. Suess, Mem Fox and many others as we progress from season to season.


Our fully equipped gymnasium is built to the children’s “little” specifications. All the equipment in the gym is age appropriate for establishing basic tumbling, swinging, climbing, and jumping skills. Exposure to the world of gymnastics may lead to the future Olympians. Your child will be taught proper form and rudiments that are the strong foundation for any sport he or she may desire to participate in.

Imagination Room

Imagination is a big part of this stage in your child’s life and here they will have a wonderful time playing in the house keeping center, having tea parties with their friends or hanging around our ‘Tree Loft’. The children exercise their creative imaginations and create other worlds through dress up, usage of the stage area to reproduce familiar stories or make up their own. Our puppet theater will also provide for tons of entertainment. There is always something new introduced to enrich their experience.

Music & Movement Room

Your child will use rhythm and music to move and play. Gross motor skills are fine tuned through the use of balls, scooters, the parachute, bean bags, as well as many fun and creative songs and finger-plays.

Art & Snack Room

Children will be excited to play with the things that they like and motivated to try new activities as well. Sharing is always stressed by teaching the child who would like a turn to ask the other child for a turn. Through out the course of your child’s day, he/she will experience many stimulating and rewarding activities. Please ask him/her to share something about their adventures.

As you can probably tell by now, we have numerous materials and interesting activities to keep your youngster enthralled. Through play, children develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. They are exploring and discovering learning in its purest forms. Ready Set Grow provides a cheerful, clean, warm and respectful environment where children can learn while having a great time.

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