We Practice Fire Safety at Ready Set Grow in Nassau County

We Practice Fire Safety at Ready Set Grow in Nassau County

We Practice Fire Safety at Ready Set Grow in Nassau County

Here at Ready Set Grow Preschool, of Long Island, we believe in teaching our children about fire safety even at the ages of 2 to 4
years old. We team up with the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department every October to educate the children about fire safety.  The children become firefighters as they explore the fire truck. They receive a firefighter hat, fire safety books, and they sit in the driver’s seat and pretend their driving a hook and ladder engine. They have such a blast but most importantly they learn about fire safety! Having the firefighters visit our preschool is one of our many events we provide for the children. Fire safety education for preschoolers is important both in school and at home.

Fire Safety at School:

Fire safety is important for children of all ages. Our preschool safety fire education, goes beyond having the firefighters visit our school. We incorporate fire safety activities during class using fire drills, coloring activities and even fire safety crafts.

Fire Safety at Home:

Although we make fire safety education important in our preschool classes, it’s important to follow up with these same practices at home. There are many important aspects to making sure children understand how to protect themselves in the event a fire takes place. Creating an evacuation plan different from your child’s preschool is important to avoid confusion. Fire safety should be practiced as a family and practice is also vital for everyone to keep the plan fresh in your minds. Creating a fire plan for the whole family will help everyone remain safe and avoid any possible harm. Click here for additional steps to promote fire safety in your home.

Fire Safety for Children:

The most important aspect of fire safety for preschool children is practice. Allowing children to practice will help them gain confidence and remember what actions to take if there’s ever an issue. We find the best way to teach children fire safety is by making it fun. Children seem to learn best through activities they can involved themselves in and work together as a team.