Ready Set Grow Preschool Classrooms

Ready Set Grow Preschool Classrooms

Ready Set Grow Preschool Classrooms

Here at Ready Set Grow Preschool located in Nassau County, Long Island, we’ve designed classrooms that are both visually stimulating and fun to learn in. Each room is colorful filled with toys and jungle gyms in order to the little ones busy. Keeping these guys busy is a big job, our team of dedicated instructors is there to help them learn new activities and have fun with their peers. Each room has it’s own unique and special qualities making for a well round learning environment. Below is a list of the different classrooms we have and the activities which take place in them.

Math and Science Room

Our math and science room is colorful and filled with many different treasures. We even have airplanes and other decorations hanging from the ceiling to create a truly unique learning atmosphere. Our math and science project are easily disguised with building blocks, puzzles and mazes. We used these toys as tools for teaching children to count, solve problems and predict solutions. Some of the best learning experiences happen through using tools to bring ideas to life. We incorporate science by teaching children the weather and all of the wonderful seasons. Other great preschool math and science activities include magnetic walls and sorting games.

Imagination Room

Developing and expressing your creative imagination is important for children so they can have new ideas and think abstractly. Our imagination room is filled with props to encourage children’s imagination and allow them to “play pretend.” Theres costumes for dress up, cups for a tea party, toy ovens and tool boxes. All of these toys are useful for children to play together and create imaginary ideas. We also have a tree house where children can hang out and enjoy their games. We’re always finding new props to enhance the experience such as our puppet theatre which always attracts a large crowd.

Story Tree Room

The story tree classroom is a nice and cozy room filled with books, stuffed animals and pillows for comfort. All of the children gather around the carpet get comfy and get to hear popular stories filled with both fun and educational messages. The story room is a great place for children to hear great stories and develop listening comprehension skills.

Movement Room

In the movement room we help your preschool child release all the energy their filled with while improving gross motor skills. Children get the chance to play simon says games, freeze dance activities and of course everyones favorite, freestyle! We also bring in bean bags, parachutes and scooters to keep them busy in our preschool gym. Other fun activities in our movement room includes playing instruments, sing-a-longs and bouncing balls. This portion of the school is where children tend to consistently laugh and have permanent smiles on their face.


Our fully equipped gymnasium is built to the children’s “little” specifications. All the equipment in the gym is age appropriate for establishing basic tumbling, swinging, climbing, and jumping skills. Exposure to the world of gymnastics may lead to the future Olympians. Your child will be taught proper form and rudiments that are the strong foundation for any sport he or she may desire to participate in.

Snack and Art Room

Our snack and art room gives our preschool students a chance to create art while learning to share with peers. It’s fun to watch the little ones bring their ideas to life by painting, drawing and much more. The joy they expressed after creating something on their own is irreplaceable. Children love finger painting and creating seasonal creations such as Thanksgiving Turkeys or Fourth of July projects. They always are excited to bring home projects and share them with everyone at home. We hope you enjoyed our inside look into some of our preschool classrooms and activities at Ready Set Grow. Our hope is by Combining all of these fundamentally rewarding activities, your child will have memories, that will last a lifetime.

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