Ready Set Grow Preschool Classes

Ready Set Grow Preschool Classes

Ready Set Grow Preschool Classes

At Ready Set Grow a Preschool located in Nassau County, Long Island, we strive to provide the highest quality educational experience. We understand how important it is to make each child feel safe and comfortable in their environment. All of our classesuse our curriculum goals as a framework for successful teaching.

Preschool Curriculum Goals:

Our curriculum is built around promoting emotional and social development by teaching separation, cooperation, manners, self-discipline and curiosity. These methods are taught by teachers individually and as a group. It’s important children observe other students and learn from their abilities. We reinforce good manners by teaching children how to share and reinforce self discipline by teaching children how to complete activities on their own. Our preschool students will employ new experiences using all of their senses. By listening to audio, instructors and other classmates, students will learn listening/language comprehension, verbal skills and memorization.

During preschool classes at Ready Set Grow, Long Island, we help transition children from the sensory motor stage to the socially interactive world. Using story time, songs and playful activities we introduce children to new ideas. Our preschool instructors incorporate teaching methods designed to adapt to children’s individual needs. Our goals are to help your child improve their strengths and ensure they’re comprehending the materials while having fun. Through numerous activities, we help children find their independence and strengthen social communication between peers.

All activities emphasize the process used to learn each subject, by observing children’s participation and behavior each step of the way. By incorporating physical and art exercises into the classroom, we help strengthen motor skills. We also use musical activities to influence children’s creative expression.

Separation can be tough for both children and parents, we’re up for the challenge and will help your little ones learn independence. Our teachers will help the children feel love and comfort making separation less difficult. Teaching children separation is ok, makes the transition process much easier for future events. A lot of kids start off begging their parents not to go, when it’s time to go home they don’t want to leave. We ease them through the process of preschool separation and teach them to identify with others. Please ask our Director for a copy of our preschool curriculum and classes.

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