Preschool Art Classes at Ready Set Grow

Preschool Art Classes at Ready Set Grow

Preschool Art Classes at Ready Set Grow

Art class is an important time for preschool children to express themselves and learn to tap into their creative side. At Ready Set Grow Preschool, of New Hyde Park, Long Island, we understand the importance and benefits of preschool art classes. All of our preschool classes, are beneficial to helping children learn while having a great time. All of our little artists create beautiful finger paintings and drawings using the easel, paint brushes, markers and much more.

Participating in art class, goes far beyond drawing pictures of the sun and Thanksgiving turkeys. There are various developmental benefits, children receive during this special time of class. At Ready Set Grow Preschool, we allow children to participate in both process and product focused art activities.

Process Focused Art Activities:

Process focused art, includes giving children the freedom to create anything their little hearts desire. They have choices of what materials to use, such as paint brushes, pencils, markers and crayons, as well as different types of papers to draw/paint on. There are many developmental qualities in process focused preschool art classes such as:

  • Cognitive: Children will compare art work, plan their actions and solve problems on their own.
  • Physical: The physical development includes motor skills when painting, gluing and molding sculptures using clay.
  • Emotional: This allows children to communicate through art, relax and explore options.

Our product focused art experiences, allow children to follow instructions by the teacher, or step by step instructions. Examples of our product focused art projects include holiday creations and Mother’s day presents. Our preschoolersare always excited to create and bring home their projects to mom and dad.

Benefits of Preschool Art Classes

  • Drawing and coloring shapes allows children to grow aware of perceptual concepts and learn shapes, lines, textures and space.
  • Preschool art classes also allow children to develop problem solving skills. This is done by making decisions on what objects to use and figuring out the best solution, to complete the project.
  • Children learn to express emotions and feelings in a safe and healthy manner. Children can learn how to express both their positive and negative feelings using art expression.
  • Participating in art also helps fine tune motor skills such as eye-hand coordination. When children concentrate on brush strokes in a painting their developing new coordination skillsthey didn’t know they have.
  • Art activities in preschool also help children explore multiple views and creative concepts.
  • Children can also develop confidence and learn in art there is more than one right answer.A cardinal rule for children creating art, is their is no right or wrong way to do it. Of course there’s a right way to safely use materials, but coloring in the lines is optional for the little ones. It’s important to encourage children to develop their own individual art process. It also helps to recognize your preschool child’s abilities and applause their efforts.