8 Summer Math Activities for your Preschooler

8 Summer Math Activities for your Preschooler

8 Summer Math Activities for your Preschooler

Summer Math Activities for Preschoolers

As we approach the last few weeks before schools out, many are scrambling for ideas to keep their children busy. Perhaps they’ll be attending our Preschool Summer classes which start in June. If you opted out of enrolling your preschoolers into a summer camp program, these math activities are great to keep your child learning. Below is a list of the top 8 math activities to do with your preschooler this summer.

1. Use building blocks to create towers/forts:

Building blocks have been a universal learning tool for decades. When playing building blocks with your children, you can teach them to count, sort, add and even problem solve. We always have a full stock of building blocks in our playroom at Ready Set Grow Preschool.

2. Use household supplies as learning tools:

Using home essentials such as a thermometer, tape measurer, calculator, scales and measuring cups are great for teaching math. Children love acting like a grownup and always want to help mom and dad. My little guy always loves to help in the kitchen. Teaching him how much flour to measure into the cup, is one of his favorite things to do. Although having him poor the flour makes a mess, it’s well worth the education and smile on his face.

3. Visit your local library:

The library is a great place to bring children to rent books, participate in arts and crafts events and of ofcourse playtime. Any type of literature will be beneficial for your child’s summer education. There’s a plethora of children’s math books in every library, reading books with your child is always fun.

4. Play with puzzles:

Solving puzzles with your preschool child is great for problem solving and improving their spatial skills. We found some great printable math puzzles available here.

5. Number of the day:

This is a fun exercise which can work for many letters and numbers. Incorporating a number of the day into your child’s daily routine, will keep their brain fresh all summer long. Taking photographs of the numbers and giving them a theme helps your child remember. One of the only memories of preschool I have was the letter of the day activity. The letter of the day activity was the same concept, only instead of numbers we used the alphabet. I remember the teacher dressing up the letters and playing a hilarious song.

6. Snack time:

Let’s forget about the cardinal rule “don’t play with your food,” for this preschool activity. Pouring out a box of cereal or pretzels and having your child count, is a great tool for learning math. Another great way of teaching your child is to ask them if there is more than or less than a certain number. These activities are proven to be extremely effective.

7. Use bouncing balls for math:

Does your preschool child love to spend time playing outside? Most do at this age, using any type of soccer, tennis, whiffle or basketball are great for learning to count while having fun. You can challenge your little one to organize the balls in size order. Another activity is to use the balls as part of an equation by adding and subtracting them.

8. Digital math activities:

Living in this digital age we can’t leave out all the preschool math apps now available. If your preschooler hasn’t navigated their way through a computer or iPad yet, it’s only a matter of time. There are so many wonderful learning games available on the computer and iPad/tablet.